new-yalove-sign#readYAlit is a monthly Twitter chat that explores new elements, titles, and themes found in young adult literature.  Moderated by professionals in both public and school libraries, this chat is a dynamic resource, where you will find not only information, but also be able to learn with and from colleagues around the world.

Chats take place on the second Sunday of the month, from 8pm-9pm CST.  To join in on the conversation:

  1. search for #readYAlit on Twitter
  2. click on the hashtag and keep on refreshing.
  3. To post, type something and please make sure the hashtag is part of your Tweet.
  4. Refreshing is the key!!
  5. Can be done on multiple devices!!


Click on the Reminder tab at the top to get a text about the chat 30 minutes before start time!